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I don't often look at the About SolidWorks dialog, but I recently
needed to enter my serial number for something and I noticed that in
addition to the 16 digits that have always been my serial number,
there are now 8 more alpha-numeric digits added to it. I am using
Office Professional and am at SP3.1. I'm not exactly sure when the
extra digits were added but I suspect it was along with the product
activation that happened with the upgrade from SP2.2 (I think) to
SP3.1. I did need to enter all 24 digits of my serial number, the
original 16 digits were not recognized as a valid serial number
Not a real problem, just thought it was a little odd that SW would
change my serial number and not tell me about it.
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the s/n grew from 16 to 24 characters with the introduction of sw 2007 sp0.0. a dialog box with the revised s/n should have been presented to you for viewing during the installation process.
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My standalone installed 2007 SP0, and SP 2.1 with the normal 16 digets
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I'm not being a wise guy. Just documenting the assumptions used for my statement. If I didn't mention the SNL you would begin to think SW had it in for you. :)
Darn it's getting hard to finish a sentence with all the tornado warnings going off.
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"wtf" is the perfect acronym/internet shorthand to describe this.
i've got a screen shot if anyone wants a peek.
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