Feedback on these VARS

Any feedback on these would be greatly appreciated.


Hawk Ridge Systems

CAE Northwest

Also would appreciate any reccomendations on any others in the Oregon area.

Thanks for taking the time.

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In my opinion, CAE Northwest is the best. They have a number of really good people (Jack Sanford and Adam Smith are outstanding) for training and support questions. I've only met one guy from Hawk Ridge. He seemed to be pretty knowledgeable, but not quite at the level of Jack or Adam. I've only seen him at User's Group meetings, so I don't have a lot to base that judgment on. The guys at Shounco haven't impressed me at all, either at User's Group meetings or in sales pitches they've given. I don't know of anyone else in the area.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems

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Jerry Steiger


Thanks for your time in replying. Shounco was reccomended to our owner by another company. I hadn't even heard of them. While my time here is likely limited, the software will be around long after I am gone and ongoing support will be key to its success here. Nothing worse than being stuck without a place to turn for answers.

Thanks again!

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