Geometric tolerance symbols in ms word

A QA guy is writing reports in ms word and he asked me how to insert geometric tolerance symbols in to the text

Any suggestion welcome

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I know you can access the solidworks symbols in word by going to the "insert menu" pulldown and select symbols. This brings up the character mapping dialog box. Change the font pulldown and find "AIGDT".

They are kinda hard to see if you have your resolution turned up but they are there.


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- in ms word, change font to gdt or

- copy and paste from windows character map

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Its a QA guy, the bane of our existence. How about a black ballpoint pen!

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formatting link
alt 0176 = ° alt 0177 = ± alt 0216 = Ø

Gives him some symbols to work with.


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Thanks I was looking for this now I got it

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