Greatest Benefit of SWks

What is the best SolidWorks benefit of all (not that it excludes other
3D apps)?
SolidWorks has given me the freedom to take a laptop wherever and
whenever I need to do solid modeling, and completed a good set of
tools for mobile work. SolidWorks management inherently recognized
that fact when they set up their EULA.
That can't be underestimated. I remember the days with multiple 6
foot drafting tables, 81/2 x 11 yellow pads full of notes and sketches
and calculations. Solid modeling on laptops for me since 2000 has
been a godsend.
Even if you only use the laptop inside "the company", it means you
don't have to keep schlepping back to your office to "get things".
It is easy to miss the essence of major changes, and not recognize
true overall "value". Some would say that is why certain companies
become major players, and others don't. Companies other than Apple
could have done what Apple did, but they didn't.
SolidWorks enables opportunity in 3D design very well. Nothing is
perfect, but I can get the job done in SWks fast and well done.
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