Has anyone done Propeller Design parametrically in SolidWorks

Does anyone has any SolidWorks parts or examples of aircraft propeller
design parametrically in SolidWorks. Please let me know if there are
any examples or links to this topic?
Merry Christmas
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Daniel B. Nordeen
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I think I checked one into the SW gallery some years ago. It is just an example.
Daniel B. Nordeen wrote:
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Hello, Daniel! You wrote on 22 Dec 2003 06:40:08 -0800:
DBN> Merry Christmas
Best I've done was to do actual design in dedicated package and export as dxf to Rhino / Solidworks to turn into solid and from there to mold making for carbon fibre production. e-mail me if you want to know more (remove the last "r" from my mail address)
With best regards, ahlbebuck. E-mail: snipped-for-privacy@saftour.co.zar
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