how do you section?

How do you section an assembly such that you ensure it is cut exactly in the
middle? Sometimes because of hex headed parts screwed into the end, I'm not
picking exactly in the middle of the part. Should I first draw a
Tips are appreciated.
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The easiest way that I know of is to have a plane at that location and tell it 0" offset from that plane. You can get it to reference that plane by preselecting it.
So if you want the middle, then it makes sense to follow my oft-spoken suggestion to always use midplane extrudes, symmetry, etc. unless there is some specific reason that you want something other than that - make your default method symmetrical. That way you will have the system planes in the middle of stuff and may use them later.
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Wayne Tiffany
Another way to do it is to RMB on the section line after placement and edit the sketch then add relations to the line to secure it exactly where you want.
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