I have a question about changing view orientation...

I tried to do as the solidworks 2003 help files suggest, it works, that
isn't the effect that I'm looking for. I have a model that when I hit the
space bar and select isometric view it shows "feature a" farther away from
me. I would like to change the orientation so that "feature a" would instead
be the closest to me. basically I would like to spin the model about the y
axis 180 degrees, would put "feature a" closest to me. The solidworks 2003
help files say to select 2 planar faces while holding down the ctrl key. The
1st face to select has to be the face that you want to see closest to you
and the second planar face has to be the face that you want pointing up. I
do as told and the effect is as expected, the 1st plane runs parallel to the
screen and the second plane is pointing up. This is not the effect I'm
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well so now you have changed the view assignments so you just click on your iso icon and you have it as you wanted!? if you use shift and arrow keys you can move in 90 degree steps
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You can also adjust the model to the desired view, then insert a named view in the drawing and select Current View from the list. The current view is only available the first time you insert the named view.
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