Large assembly performance

Dear All,

I am interested in large assembly performance and would like to know if these times are poor, fair, or good.

I'm running SW 2004 sp0

My machine is a Dell 360 w/ 2.4 GHz P4, 3.00 GB RAM, XP PRO SP1, and QUADRO NVS W/AGP8X W/64 MEG RAM

My large assemblyis:


PARTS 12439


It loads in the following times:

Lightweight 56 SEC

Resolving from the LW load 88 SEC

To load fully resolved 3:13 MINUTES

This seems really quick to me but this is my first venture pasted 2200 parts.

Tom Chasteen

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Tom Chasteen
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You forgot the most important one:

Time from open to CTD:

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Jeff N


I am curious as to whether SW will use more than 1.5 GB of the 3GB ram you have > Dear All,

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I don't know yet. I've been really careful to keep the master assembly drawing broken into several different drawings. The drawing was pulling me to 1.4 gig. The assembly is only going to Tom,

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Tom Chasteen

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