Looking for motor models

I'm designing machinery and I need to incorporate motors into my
Does someone knows a motor company (or a standard part website) who
offers 3D models on is website in the same way SKF offers 3D models of
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SEW-Eurodrive has 2D & 3D models available of it's product line. If you only require the motor, I believe you can just enter that part number, else erase the reducer from the model. Their main site id
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Their DriveCAD site is
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You will require to know the motor part number and/or drive part number. Using their PT Pilot online selection tool will help (you must register). You may happen to find a catalog also.
We use SEW exclusive, so I'm fairly knowledgeable about their product line and specifying information for their 3D files. Let me know if I can assist you with any other stuff.
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Keith Streich
We use Marathon motors
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, they have dwg, dxf and pdf formats available. I save a copy of their pdf drawing to our 'Manuals' folder for future reference and use a dwg to create a simple model of the motors we use.
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