Looking for plans, OK Models QB1400

Hi all!
I am trying to get hold of a set of plans to an old model. This was the
first airplane I flew and the one that got me hooked on radio controlled
It's a Japanese set, OK Models. I think it might have gone under the
manufacturer Pilot also (if they are not the same). The model I am looking
for is the QB1400. It's a slope sailplane. QB for Quick Built.
Japanese(?) link:
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I would appreciate it if anyone could get me in touch with someone who maybe
has the fullsize plans laying around, somewhere. Or if you know where I can
get a copy online or order a copy of the plans from some archive, that would
also be helpful.
Thank you for any time and help, mych appreciated.
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John Foster
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I have no idea about a source, but I had a QB1800 which sloped really well in almost nothing and didn't do too bad with my ham-fisted attempts at thermalling off a bungee launch either. I also had a QB15-H (48" 3-channel power model) which I flew for years and years until the dreaded "I think I charged it...yes, yes, I know I charged it" mistake saw it destroyed. So, If you find a source please let me know as I wouldn't mind revisiting those myself. Note to self: keep ALL plans and don't do periodic weeding.
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The QB1800 was my first plane. Film wing and dope / tissued fuselage. Ah, they were the days...
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Kevin Newton

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