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I need to create a triangle with 3 sides of different lengths. When I use
the polygon function it only allows me to create a triangle with2 side
lengths. When I try to enter the third line length the program does not
allow me to do it. What can I do to make this scalene triangle?
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Butch Cassidy
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Uh, is there some reason why you're not trying the obvious, just drawing 3 lines?
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The polygon can be changed to 3 sided but you have too delete the inscribe/circumscribed circle and delete the pattern constraint then add your dimensions per side. Or, for future use, save that sketch with dims and copy/pasted it when you need it. For instance, a part file which has individual sketches of a arc, circle, square, oblong, slot, triangle, ellipse, splines (open or closed),.. plate profile or sections or with holes.. and they are all dimensioned. Just click on the sketch and ctrl-c and click on the plane you want it on in another file and ctrl-v. Or similarly, you can create palette features (shape) and drag/drop them when you need them.
Otherwise, when I first read your question, I thought this is what you were taking about..
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Butch Cassidy wrote:
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