March user group meetings

March is a busy month - I have 3 kids with birthdays in March. Oh, wait, wrong group... :-)

Fact - 23 working days in March, 22 user group meetings scheduled for March! Good job folks.

And I still hear that people don't know that a group exists - frustrating.....


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Wayne Tiffany
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I just noticed a placard in my 2006 brown box of cd's. It's a reference to the

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site. This link will re-direct you to
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It's possible that many users (new and old) disregard any thing which may appear to promote other products. I will include myself as I've never noticed this placard before.

Add to this, that there are many administrators installing Solidworks, thus preventing the end user an opportunity to discard this placard. ;(

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remy martin

This is a testament to the growing size of the Solidworks community. Check out this link that was in the recent SW Express newsletter:

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That shows it pretty clear how big SW is growing. For those that havent ever attended a usergroup meeting, you dont know what your missing. The information available is always helpful, there are always answers to your questions, and best of all, most of the groups are free to attend!

Also if there isnt a group in your area, why not start one? I was a bit nearvous the first meeting, but after getting thru the first couple, im looking forward to the next one. The support that Solidworks will give you to start, and then keep going, is great. If you think it might be something you can do, go to the usergroup network website for more information

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I know that in the days when I was first learning to use SW, I would have loved to have a resource like a usergroup. Once you go, believe me, you will make sure you get to the next one after that. Also keep your eyes out for the regional conferances, they are pretty much a mini SW World, at a GREATLY reduced price.

But 22 meetings in 23 working days, almost makes me feel bad this is an off month for our group! Congrats to all the hard working group leaders that do it all for a free trip to SW World, and a shirt!

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