What I'm seeing in SW2004 SP1.0 is that to accept a particular mate it now
takes 2 mouse clicks because the "defer mate" functionality is now the norm
and can't be turned off. Am I missing the boat here?
Let me explain. Click on 2 things you want to become coincident, it decides
on the default mate "coincident," and then click the check mark. It now
puts it in the lower box, but doesn't go on from there until you click the
check mark again, thereby requiring 2 clicks to accomplish the task. I
tried a double-click, but that didn't work.
If in the particular instance you want the functionality of the old "defer
mate" that's what happens by default. The mate is accepted and put in the
lower box, and you are then free to do another one. After your last one,
clicking the check mark will solve all of them.
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Wayne Tiffany
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Have you tried picking two other parts after the first click? I tried that, and it worked, but that was in SP0.
Regards, Scott
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I guess I'm not real sure what you mean. I find that I can pick 2 things to define a mate, but can't totally solve that mate & get out of the Mate Manager without another click. It's like the "defer mate" box is always checked, rather than just when you want it on.
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Wayne Tiffany
Hey All, long time no see!
Saw a couple threads on mates, and perhaps I missed it, but how about the little toolbar that pops up wherever your mouse happens to be? I love that thing, just click and go. But the real kicker is using Alt drag. Hold down your Alt key, drag one face to another, then click the mate you want on the popup toolbar. I put a 300 piece assembly together in just a few days using this technique, and that was in my spare time.
Dave "Solidman" Murray
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The alt drag is cool!!! I am finally taking the time to go through the What's New page by page. I must not have gotten to that page yet. Thanks for pointing it out.
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