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I've used the insert mirror part feature to create a part. I a drawing for each part, the original and the mirror. I already have a drawing associated with the original part. Is there a way that I can mirror the drawing also? I don't wish to redimension the drawing.

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I think this one has been brought up a couple of times, and I believe the answer "not really" We used to set up prints even back in the manual days like that as "-1, as shown" and "-2, opposite". (or RH / LH) ...One of the reasons for this was that if something changes, you have to make the change in both places and do a change notice for two drawings vs. one, and hope you don't miss anything (esp if it's not a model change, but a material or other annotation that should apply to both...)

Here's some add'l info I just googled...

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-Thanks, I couldn't find any way to resolve this. I just redimensioned the drawing. At least I only had to model it once.

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If it is true mirror image, then there should be no reason to dimension it. -1, -2 should be sufficient for any competent fabricator. Even if it has some extra features, technically you should only dimension what is different. Otherwise you are creating duplicate dimensions all over the place. really bad practice.

Make a drawing, showing the part, refer to the part as left hand, mirror images etc... see drawing -1 for details.


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I haven't use mirror feature in long time so I took look on it

Yes this sucks instead of duplicating features they just mirror coping the 3D model (way to go SW!!!)

Sometimes I think they have second (dee, dee, dee! ) department somewhere in the basement where they come up with all this "genius" (read retarded) ideas , I bet you the mirror guy sits right next installation manager guy (this one for sure needs a Star, here we go *)

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