Mobilty Radeon 9600

does anyone know of a mod for the Mobility Radeon 9600 that fixes the limited number of accelerated windows issue?

i've got a compaq n800w i currently use for mobile CAD, but i travel more and more all the time and am getting really tired of hauling such a large and heavy laptop around. i've found a few laptops that use the MR 9600 that would work great for me if i could fix the aforementioned issue.

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mr. brown
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I haven't done it, but others in here have. It is possible to `hack' the card you have to a Fire gl. Seems the chips are the same for cost-cutting reasons.

Check out this link:

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Like I said, I haven't tried following the steps and doing yet because I haven't bought my notebook yet. I've just been doing research into this issue becaise I may some day.

Good Luck.


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We have several laptops - 2 use the Radeon mobility 9000 (64 MB) and 1 the Radeon Mobility 9600 (128 MB). The 2 with the 9000 work great even on large assemblies (occasional multi-window slowdown) and we dual screen them with

19" TFT screens - need to set SW to Software openGL; however, the one with the 9600 has always been a bit of a dog and the dual screen display is very fuzzy. We have tried different drivers and settings and have never had good results - it is about to be replaced by the supplier.

Merry :-)

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Merry Owen

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