Multilple Mate Macro

Does anybody know of a macro that will let you apply mates to multiple
objects all at once? For example, I do alot of piping skids that have
alot of gaskets. What I do now is drag the gasket from the feature
pallete and it automatically gives me a coincedent & concentric mate.
At this point the part is still not "locked" in, it can still rotate
so I then have to add a parallel mate between one of the gaskets
planes and one of the top level planes. After I have my gaskets in it
would be nice to be able to pick say the front plane from each gasket
and make them all parallel to the top level front plane all in one
shot. Any ideas?
Brian Harris
Cobey Inc.
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Brian Harris
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Ive been able to get some mate references setup with a plane locking into a plane, along with the coincident & concentric mates, when I drop the part into an assembly. You might need to play with it a little, but you can setup 3 different mate refernces on a part so that when you drop it in your assembly, it will lock into place.
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Richard Charney

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