Nested inserted parts not updating

I am using SW2003 to design a device where I have used a master part to
replicate common geometry to all of the assembly's parts (using inserted
parts). In some cases there are nested relationships: for instance, a
circuit board that is driven by a housing that is in turn driven by the
master geometry file, or battery housing clamshells that are driven by a
battery master part that is in turn driven by the master geometry file.
It may sound complex but it seems like good information architecture to
me -- why duplicate geometry or load down the top-level master any more
than necessary? -- and the parts are pretty complex (100-500 features
The problem I am having is that planes and axes from "two-deep" nested
parts do not appear ever to update after the first time they are
inserted. Call my representative three parts Master, Sub-master, and
Housing. Master is an inserted part in Sub-master, and Sub-master in
turn is inserted into Housing, each time bringing along planes, axes,
and surfaces.
Planes and axes that are defined in Master appear in Housing but are
apparently frozen where they were the first time I inserted Sub-master
into Housing. Surfaces update correctly, and new features added to
Naster appear correctly in Housing when Housing is rebuilt. All the
parts are in memory, Ctrl-Q on each of them individually does not fix
the problem.
If I redefine the inserted Sub-master not to import the planes and axes,
then redefine again to turn them on, they come up in the correctly
updated positions. I then have to reattach every reference in the part,
which is no fun, but I'm in the process of redesigning anyway, and am
not at this point accustomed to SW saving me time on projects in any
Has anyone seen this behaviour before? I haven't taken the time to
build a simple test case but have had the same problem with several
different parts in my model.
Good day, Peter.
stokesp at earthlink dot net
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Peter Stokes
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Wow, you make me feel like my problem is not as bad.
I think (not sure yet) I can workaround my insert part problem but it means going back to the original files and being very careful in how I open them.. but I have not confirm this,.. just hoping I can do it without losing the configuration??
What annoys me in my situation is not being about get the link to turn back on or a way to reestablish the link and configuration??
SW Corp, why can't the user reestablish the link or tools which can survey and rebind the disconnection?
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Paul Salvador

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