new SW, old vault ok?

Does anybody have any experience using SW2004 with PDMWorks 2001? I've upgraded SW2001Plus to 2004, and can't see the vault. My PDMWorks client is 1.88 Meg. Is this the size for the 2001 client or the 2004 client. I can't tell which client I have right now. Tried to reload the old client, but no worky. Options, add-ins does not list PDMWorks as a choice.

Thanks, Mat Barringer

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Mat Barringer
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Do you have a reason for not upgrading to PDMW 2004 as well? Unless there is some real showstopper there, that would be the way to go. There really are a lot of valuable improvements in the new PDMW.

PDMW03 will not run with SW04, but PDMW04 will work with SW03. I would not expect PDMW01+ to work with SW04.

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