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If I have 2 opposing arcs and want to dimension between them how can I pick anything other than the center. I have been using AutoCAD for ever and had a variety of different "pick" points available in sketching & dimensioning, this would be a good one for "quadrant". Short of doing a lot of construction and measuring a line trimmed between the arcs I am lost. Anyone have a solution or am I missing something?

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Gene Holmes
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Hey Gene, very easy.

Create two circle sand separate them on the screen. These could be arcs as well, but for this learning experience we'll use circles. Now create a dimension between them, clicking on the circles (arcs) not the centers, and you will get a dimension from the two centers, that's OK. Now RMB (Right Mouse Button) on the dimension and go to properties and select Min or Max for each of the two different "arc conditions". Now play with that for a while and you'll instantly understand.

HTH, Muggs

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Further to Muggs' advice, (and his advice is the fundamental approach and the one you "need to know")

there is a shortcut, which may not be familiar to some of those who learned the software some years ago

- dimension the way Muggs stipulates

- (if dimension is NOT still highlighted, click on the text to select the dimension)

- Each leader line should have a (green?? dep. on settings) handle at the outboard end. Drag each handle in turn to the desired new location.


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Andrew Troup

I think I have seen this create problems in that the MAX/MIN sometimes changes on its own. Seems like once you go into the dim properties and set it there, it pretty much stays put. Otherwise, if you pull it back away from an edge, or something, it snaps back to center, or whatever. Not always (of course) but enough times that I don't do it any more and wish I could turn off that feature. It only gets me in trouble.


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Wayne Tiffany

While you're in the dimension property page, take the time to poke around in there and see what else is possible. Also, do the tutorials and read the help on every tool you use. Get training if you can afford it. There is a book for users migrating from ACAD, that may help also. I've never seen it.

As someone who made the same change years ago, I can tell you that your biggest obstacle is going to be forgetting how to use ACAD. SW is very different in many ways. You'll need to start over as if you're a beginner.

Maybe you already know all this and just couldn't find the right setting.

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Dale Dunn

Thanks to all............just seems to be a long way around.

In engineering isn't it strange how much you "have" to forget just to advance. : While you're in the dimension property page, take the time to poke around

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Gene Holmes

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