Problems Installing SW on a new AMD System

Below are the specs of my system...everytime I put in the SW cd to install, it won't install. I basically click on "install" when the screen comes up, then the screen dissappears for about a minute...then my system locks up.

Any suggestions ?

AMD 64 Bit 3400+ w/1600 Mhz FSB AMD Approved Fan w/ Heat Sink ASUS K8N NVIDIA nForce3 250

1GB PC3200 400Mhz Gold Leads DDR NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 Video Card 256MB 200GB 7200RPM Hard Drive 16x DVD=B1R Dual Format Burner w/SW=20 1=2E44MB 3.5" Drive
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Virus program not shut down. Drivers. CD drive Graphics card/driver ( disable the graphics card by installing the VGA driver and see if that helps)

Do you get a blue screen. If so what does it say?

Have you run SiSoft Sandra to make sure everything is alright with the system?

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Have other applications installed OK? If so, maybe your SolidWorks disc is damaged. Have you tried cleaning it?

Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell

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Devon T. Sowell

Do you have DEP Prevention turned on?

Control Panel / System / Advanced / Data Execution Prevention

I've noticed some problems with this and manually had to restrict certain programs.

Also do a general check of the system for bad ram etc.


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Good Morning,

I am just going to reply to everyone in this post to save time. I will have to check into the DEP Prevention is set to whatever default would be. I do not have anti-virus software even installed at this point. The disk is fine, no scratches or anything. I don't think that I even installed the nvidia graphics drivers yet...

I do have another CD drive at home, I will toss that thing in and try to install from there. I will also get that SiSoft Sandra thing (although I've never heard of it).

I do not get any basically locks the system up a few seconds after clicking on "Install Solidworks". Thanks for the help, and I will keep yall posted...

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