Installing Woodland Scenics road system

I am about to install a Woodland Scenics road system on a plywood base. The road material itself is diluted with a fair amount of water. Should a sealer coat be used before applying the road material to protect the plywood from the effects of the water?


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Shouldn't be a problem; by the time the whole thing sets, it'll be dry enough not to cause any warpage. Plywood's pretty robust stuff (think exterior plywood used for roof decking).

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David Nebenzahl

True, but the other advantage along with knowing the plywood is sealed is that you can have an undercoat the color of your scenery (earth or sandy soil, green grass, etc.) rather than bare wood. Then if you go too lightly with your ground cover, it may not be noticeable and the ground color goes right up to the edge of your road.

We used various colors of flat latex grays under and on roadbed, and earth colors right up to the roadbed. Then the excess ballast would flow over onto the the ground color.


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