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how would i make a part fade from solid to translucant while rotating? my
assemble has 15 parts and i want to fade the top housing so i can see the
inside, then fade back to soild to finish my AVI.
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What you want to do can be done in animator only if you are using SolidWorks as the render buffer. There is a detailed explanation of how to do this at the SolidWorks website in the knowledge base. If you do a search for animator you should find it.
If you want to use PhotoWorks as the render buffer you will need to do an animation rendered noramlly and transparent and then fade the two together using a third party piece of software.
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Rob Rodriguez
Hi dj you have to add a path in which you change the tranparency of the component in the assembly. Set the option in Photoworks 'use SolidWorks Materials'
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HTH, bye Ralf
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