QUESTION: System Options/External References

( )Don't prompt to save read-only referenced documents (discard changes).

Specifies that when a parent document is saved or closed, no attempt will be made to save its read-only, referenced documents. ================================================================== We know this will save us from SaveAs hell. What this doesn't say is the effect on a read only document when it has been changed while in memory. Should the description also say:

  1. Changes made in memory to read-only documents will be lost.


  1. The user will be prompted to save any changed documents.

and would the this helpful hint be useful?

Hint: When a read only document is to be modified, first obtain write access using FILE/RELOAD to obtain any changes made to the document since it was open and obtain write access to it. If the document is open by others write access will not be given and the user should wait until the document is saved with changes to make additional changes.

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