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You can insert your fixture into the assembly, then all you have to do is hide the fixture sub-assembly - it will not show in your GA drawing but will still appear in the BOM.

Merry :-)

I'm not sure I can explain this clearly, but here goes..... > > Currently I work for a company where I am the only designer using > SW (so a PDM solution is out). > > Normally when I am done designing a project I go to the highest assy, > make a drawing file, insert a BOM, file it as an XLS file, e-mail it > to the purchasing department. This works well.... sort of..... > > Now I need fixtures for the assembly proccess. > The fixture drawings consist of two sheets. Sheet one dimensions the > fixture. > Sheet two shows the fixture and the appropriate sub-assy being used (the > application > view) > > How do I get the fixture into the BOM? > I'm thinking to make the fixture a sub-assy, and the application seperate > assy. > Can I than put a small/blank view of the fixture into the Assy drawing that > it is used on? Of course purchasing has to know that once a fixture is made > that it isn't needed for every assy, but I think I got that part under > control. > > Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? > > -- > David Marsden > >
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Merry Owen
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I agree with Merry, adding a phantom subassembly will give you the correct addition to the BOM.

At the same time I believe (from many years experience with 3D CAD / PDM) software that you will benefit greatly from PDM software (even with one seat, but planning for the future is important too). If you are serious about trying or open minded about PDM drop me a line.

Have you ever done something in SW which you thought it was too long winded? We all have at some stage, usually we went wrong somewhere, and with the correct procedure we do do it very easily in SW. Similarly, people who think PDM has to be expensive or difficult are usually looking at the wrong PDM.

Good luck


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