Re: can anyone tell me if sofa can be built on solidworks

sorry id use maya we use maya it does all those little things you require its kind of like an un engineering program for enginners ,well thats what we use it for it lets you do things in a les precise way

This is not the kind of thing that I would want to have to do with ANY > MCAD software IF what you want to do is design all the internals > (stuffing, springs, etc.). However, if what you want to do is get > something to LOOK like the finished product with a fabric "wrapped" on > it, I'd say SolidWorks plus PhotoWorks would do the job for you, but > perhaps some other graphics software (Maya? Lightwave?) might be a > better choice than MCAD software. > > newsgroup wrote: > > > > I'm new to cad and solidworks and need to build sofa's on it with fabric and > > all > > > > can anyone tell me if it is possible or know of a sample I can have a look > > at? > > > > thanks in advance > > > > joe way
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i model boats. the shapes are very organic. a sofa seems like it would be simple to me.

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