Re: Centermark pattern line font

I'm running SWX 2003 SP4 and have a question about the automatic line font
> that SWX uses in drawings to put in a centermark pattern on a hole series.
> For example, if I model a hole and then pattern as a 2"x2" square pattern,
> when I create a drawing SWX automatically adds centermarks and lines joining
> those centermarks, effectively drawing a square. The line font it uses
> always stays the same pitch on screen. That is, if I zoom way out it is
> very coarse. If I zoom way in it is very fine. Other line fonts keep a
> constant pitch regardless of zoom.
> The problem comes when printing. It prints out very fine and does not match
> any other line fonts. How do I change this line font? Up until now I've
> been deleting the automatically generate lines and replacing them with
> construction lines. There's got to be a better way.
I had the same problem - when printing the centerline font was not
scaling itself; it can't be changed in 2003; SWX 2004 fixed the
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Thanks for the reply. I have 2004, but it had other problems that made it unusable for me, so we're sticking with 2003.
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Mickey Reilley

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