Re: Creating Part to attach to Edison base?

I am creating a plastic base that is to be injection molded and will hold an
>LED board, etc. I am looking for methods of attaching the plastic base to an
>Edison base because it will screw in the same way a light bulb does. I am
>not looking to use threads because I do not want to incorporate slides into
>the mold. I am wondering if there are other methods and what the design of
>the bottom of the plastic base should look like. If this is not clear please
>ask questions.
>Thank you,
>Mike Grant
You don't necessarily need slides to make a thread, if you can't put
the part line so it splits the thread you may be able to unscrew the
part from the mold.
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It seems like the best way to load into a standard light bulb holder would be to screw it in. Can the bottom of your part have large holes in it? If so, you could generate partial threads with shut-offs. You could try snaps using the same approach, but the threads on a light bulb are pretty shallow, so I don't think snaps would work very well. They would also have the problem of snapping in on intermediate threads.
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