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All you should have to do is select the asslembly in the design tree and hitt the edit color button (right next to the rebuild button) Select your color and apply.

I am making a overlay of an old part & a new part, I put them into an > assy & inserted a view into a drawing sheet. Is there a way to change > the color of one > of the parts in the drawing? Is there a better way to do this in SWX > or should I > save as a dwg and do it in AutoCRAP? > > Thanks > > CAD ROB
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Corey Scheich
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I've been playing around with changing line color and type for components in drawing views and here's how it works:

You can control component color by putting it on a layer. You can put it on a layer one of two ways. Select the component and change the layer through the layer toolbar or right-click the component and use the 'Component Line Font' dialog (lower right corner is the layer setting). Interestingly enough you can only change a components line type via the 'Component Line Font' dialog. Changing the layer linetype has no effect on components, but does on

2D sketch entities. Also, note that using the CLF dialog you can specify that this only applies to views you select and not the whole drawing. It's a little retarded, but it's workable.
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Jeff N

I just ended up changing the line type of the components.

Thanks for the help. CAD ROB

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Cad Rob

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