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On 24 Apr 2006 06:53:04 -0700, wrote: >
> >For new product development, we are looking for a plastic ball gear to
> >fit on a 1/4" shaft that will handle a max 25 deg angular change. Any
> >ideas, suggestions, or comments of where such an item may be sourced,
> >or an OEM who may be using such an item will be greatly appreciated. > >Thanks, K.
> What's a "ball gear"?
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> Cliff
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Appreciate your taking time to consider and respond to my posting. What I am familiar with as a "Ball Gear" is a gear blank that resembles a sphere instead of a flat disk. The teeth are cut on the outside diameter and the pitch line follows the shperical shape. The only experienced I have for these types of gears is in a u-joint type application. Hope this helps. Thanks, K.
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You may be interested in one of two items:
Rzeppa Joint or Gear Coupling
The Rzeppa joint is what is on the front axel of a front wheel drive car and is also known as a constant velocity joint. They are capable of a wide range of motion and can allow sliding or not.
The gear coupling has a much more limited range of motion but is simpler. They can be very heavy duty and they are almost, but not quite constant velocity.
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