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#321 Sliding DT joint. Slide from corner to corner to separate.

#323 Torch Tip

#325 Jar Opener

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321: Puzzle box. You have to slide the pieces diagonally to open it. 322: Some sort of tool for shoes or boots

323: Part of a gas lamp

324: Louse comb

325: Stapler

326: Pipe bender
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Matthew Russotto
321 Puzzle block 323 Oxy-acetylene cutting tip (Probably Victor) 324 Staples 325 Jar wrench
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Leo Lichtman

#326 - I-Beam hanger clamp.

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Scott Lurndal

on 4/13/2005 2:26 PM R.H. said the following:

#321 Puzzle/Illusion. Dovetails are cut on a 45 degree angle. The corner you see is the front of the piece.

#323 Cutting/Welding torch tip

#325 Jar opener

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Unquestionably Confused

Without looking at the answers so far...

321 - An optical illusion. The dovetails run at 45 degrees to the sides, not perpendicular

322 - A cobblers tool of some sort?

323 - Grease or compressed air nipple

On the rest, I'm drawing a blank...

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Dave Balderstone
324 shape gauge for installing tile, flooring, etc.
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O.K. Posting from rec.crafts.metalworking -- though I'm not to sure about a lot of these.

321) At a guess, it is some kind of decorative puzzle. There would appear to be at least one split in the lower piece, and probably several, to allow each of those dovetails to slide apart. 322) Some kind of spinner -- the wedge slides into something, and the handle allows the device to be used as a crank. 323) Some kind of torch head. I suspect that the outer holes pass fuel (e.g. Acetylene) and the inner hole passes oxygen, to make a cutting torch. The two steps at the other end connect to concentric sources for the two gasses.

At a guess, this has never been used, as it shows no discoloration from heat.

324) With no scale, I think that it is either part of a stick of staples, or part of a contour gauge (the latter I consider unlikely, because the ends are too neatly lined up.) 325) This looks like a gripper for large flat bottle lids, to grip them so they can be twisted off. 326) A tool to take out slack in a binder chain?

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

321. The impossible dovetail 322. No clue 323. Cutting tip, might be for propane, acety. tips have more holes 324. Beauti-brads 325. Some sort of binder. 326. Well, looks like a set of Viking's horns.

From RCM.

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Gary Brady

Cutting torch tip for acetylene. The outer holes have the heater flame (mixed gas) and the inner jet is the separately controlled cutting oxygen.

Heater jets are wrong for oxy-propane. Oxy-propane nozzles have more and smaller holes, are generally dismantlable for cleaning and their outer sleeve is often brass.

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Andy Dingley

321 is a puzzle box 325 is a jar opener.
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Barbara Bailey


321 wooden puzzle with what look like impossible mortice and tenon joints (diagonal slide gets it undone - the joints are not tenons do not run parallel/perpendicular to edges of cube but diagonally from middle of one face to middle of adjacent face)

322 lever for lifting rising butt doors

323 high pressure water nozzle


325 looks like the adjustment mechanism from the bottom of an ironing board

326 some form of adjustable / openable shackle


matthew newell


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Matthew Newell

Five of the six have been correctly answered so far:

321. Double dovetail puzzle, made from two solid pieces of wood.


323. Cutting torch tip

324. Contour gauge

325. Jar opener

326. I-Beam clamp


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321. A box. If you can figure out how to open it Pinhead pops out and eats you. 322. Sixteen inches that should not be seen on TV. 323. Cigarette--no, Cigar lighter. 324. Kitten repair tool. 325. A device to allow one-armed people to hug small children. 326. Found inside of item #321.
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This one isn't a cooper's tool.


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A farrier's buttress for removing horseshoes.

Kevin Gallimore

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Farrier's tool. For trimming hooves.

No country boys here?

John Martin

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John Martin

I've watched a lot of farriers trim a lot of horse hooves, and I've never seen one use a tool like that. Could someone who knows something about it explain how it is used?

Sarah W.

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Sarah W

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