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363. Hall of mirrors for mice 364. Washington Monument, for mice 365. Capatult for mice 366. Corkscrew 367. Electronic metronome 368. Merry-go-round for mice 369. Capult for mice
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Actually Julie, #369 is a Mouse Juicer (for making delicious freshly-squeezed-mice drinks!)


- Michael

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363 Periscope 364 Bullet Calibration Thing - Ring Sizing Thing? 365 Guitar Capo 366 Corkscrew 367 Chronographic Device? - Stopwatch? 368 A Screw-in cog device. 369 High leverage pliers.


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  • snipped-for-privacy@ntlworld.com

I also thought so, but "amazing" and "not familiar with" didn't sound right.

Rythm counter? Speed measurment device?

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Jon Haugsand
366. Corkscrew
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Jonathan Wilson

363 - Periscope 358 - Ice cube tray 365 - Jar opener 366 - Cork screw 367 - Pulse monitor 368 - Ratchet wheel
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Owen Lawrence

I think it's a sensor you place on your finger, such as one measuring the amount of oxygen in your blood, or perhaps pulse, or blood pressure.

It might be a crude slot cutter, or else a knob.

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Bruce Barnett
366. Closeup of corkscrew/bottle opener. 367. Clip-on Pulse Oximeter 368. Some kind of saw for a angle grinder/dremel device--don't recognize the arbor.
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365: a Shubb brand "partial" capo for guitar 366: corkscrew
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368 looks like the wheel for turning a can in an electric can opener
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From rec.crafts.metalworking:

363 Dunno and can't wait to find out! Would have thought periscope but that hardly seems "amazing"...

364 ?

365 Looks like a capo. The pad looks too short for a guitar so maybe for a banjo or some special purpose for guitar.

366 Cork screw / remover

367 Pulse or O2 sensor to be placed on the finger

368 ?

369 Saw two of those at an auction Saturday but wasn't there when they auctioned them so don't know. Looks like it's to spread something?

Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com

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Keith Marshall

On Thu, 02 Jun 2005 07:37:04 GMT, "R.H." wrote in rec.woodworking:

363. Star Wars weapons guidance system, circa 1952? 364. Tire Pressure Gauge, circa 1932 366. Corkscrew, or chromium phallus from planet Zeptor 367. Pulse monitor, circa 1982 368. Catch-wheel/movement for a very primitive watch (possibly from planet Zeptor) 369. A numerical progression of simple multiples of '3'. Alt: a barbers' child detention device, circa 1942


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363: Periscope

364: Pressure gauge, ancestor of the pencil-type tire gauge.

365: Clamp

366: Wing-type corkscrew, derided by "Wine for Dummies"

367: Pulse monitor

368: It's a toothed wheel with a screw through it, isolated from the head by a rubber washer. As for what it's made for... dunno

369: Crimping tool
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Matthew Russotto

364. Tire Inflation Gauge
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From Rec.woodworking

#363: Mirror? The prisms will bend light around a corner. So it would act like a mirror? #364: Hmm. Maybe a tool for security fasteners? #365: ?? #366: Corkscrew #367: Stopwatch / heart rate monitor? #368: Dunno #369: Dunno

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Mark and Kim Smith

363 Beam splitter for home-built hologram.

Or, image inverter for watching TV in bed. ;-)

Cheers! Rich

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Rich Grise

363. One set of magic words is "split-image rangefinder". More probably, the OP is thinking of "beam splitter". 364.

365. a *LOUSY* picture of a campo.

366. the rack and pinion section of a lever-handle cork screw.

367. finger pulse-rate monitor

368. at first glance it looks like a home-made drive gear replacement for an electric can-opener, but it can't be that. (the screw-head and rubber grommet would keep the can from contacting the drive gear.) doesn't appear to be a 'slot cutter', the 'teeth' are way too irregular for that. By elimination it has to be a sex aid for when a rhinoceros mates with an elephant. "ele-phino"

369. second lousiest picture of the week. squeezing or crimping tool of some sort

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Robert Bonomi

"Mmmm.. that's great mouse:-D"

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