Re: Variable Pitch Helix Tips?


Bell shaped revolved surface

Line swept along helix of desired pitch so that resultant helical ribbon surface intersects bell surface.

Curve of intersection between bell and ribbon.... ta-da


I am looking for a solution to create a helical sweep path that varies in > pitch. > > It needs to follow a bell shaped revolved profile, and maintain a specific > helical angle from the axis of rotation. > > If anyone has any recommendations, please post. > > Thanks in advance, > > John > >
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Mark Mossberg
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I took your challenge.

· create bell profile · create desired helix at center of spline · create sketch with line from end of helix to center of bell · revolve surface of the bell · surface sweep of the line sketch around the helix · 3d sketch/intersection curve select your 2 surfaces and VOILA!! a spline wrapped tightly around a bell at a specified helical angle.

Corey Scheich

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Corey Scheich

how about doing some maths in excel and importing to a curve through free points solution?

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first I thought about our SolidSketch add-in, which can wrap any sketch around any surface

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), but this doesn't preserve the angle... What about this:

1) create a large regular helix with the params you want 2) surface-sweep an horizontal segment along the helix 3) revolve your bell profile 4) trim the surface to the revolved face 5) now you can copy the spiral edge to a 3D sketch or whatever

-- Philippe Guglielmetti -

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Philippe Guglielmetti

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