Saving an Assembly and its Parts


Is there a way to save an assembly and all its components in a new folder?

In Pro/E Wildfire, you do a backup, create a folder and every part is saved. Is there a similar command in SWX?

I'm using V2006.

Thank you.

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Do a "Save as", and click the "References" button in the save menu to choose additional components to rename/move/etc. Also check out "Pack- and-Go" in the SW Explorer.

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Also check out "Pack-

Can't find it in SW explorer. Is it in the base package, and if yes, where? TIA JM

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Jean Marc

Pack and go is not in 2006. But "file-find references" is. open the top most drawing or assembly if there is not a drawing for this assembly, then in the file menu, you will see find references, then copy files.

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Right on!!! (SW06)

It was just to try it as I heard about it. Still using the save / Find ref to a new SubDir.

Thanks for enligthing me. JM

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Jean Marc

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