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In a drawing for an assembly I have changed the depth option from
full to distance for a section view and input some distance to control
the view depth. I do this so that features and components beyond the
view depth will not display. The problem that I am having is that for
at least one component that extends beyond the view depth and that has
a feature that is also beyond the view depth that feature still shows
in the section view. So I guess my question is, does the section view
depth not restrict the visibility of FEATURES the same way it does for
COMPONENTS? From what I am seeing components that are outside of the
view depth are not visible in the section view but features that are
outside of the view depth for components that are within the view depth
and extend outside of the view depth are shown. I am sure that it is
confusing, I would think that features outside of the view depth would
not be shown.
Thanks, Sam
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Hi Sam
Isn't so that You have a surface visible on that part. Surfaces are not hidden in section views and i believe not in break out views either
Sam wrote:
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You are correct, surfaces are not cut by section cuts in a drawing. Unfortunately that is not the problem here. There are no surfaces in this assembly. The particular feature that I am referring too is just an extruded cut.
Thanks, Sam
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Hi again Sam
I tried with some different section cut depths but cannot see any features behind the depth even in components cut by the sectioning.
// Krister
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