Solid Edge sychronous tutorial progress..

I like the program a lot, most of the tutorials are ok to very good,
many are not so good
and some for instance provide an unworkable work flow that over
constrains a part precluding for instance being able to line up bolt
holes.... a stone wall if you run into it
the solution is to do the construction sequence as though the item
were on your work bench, that sort of logic cures the issue in most
the help desk is superb same with the guy who sells it locally.... so
Im doing well on assemblies ... perhaps I can build a skid now, Im
getting close Its about 500% less
buggy than inventor...
Phil scott
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phil scott
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perhaps I can build a skid now,  > that and skid over to the Solid Edge news group, You spend far too much ov Your time here
// Krister
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sorry about the misspelling shoulda been "of"
// Krister
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