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Is there any way to export an assembly in STEP and get it to remember the
part colors when it's imported? Parasolid will do this. But I can't get
STEP to do this.
I am sending a proposal to a customer in STEP. It makes it near to
impossible for him to see with all of the parts the same color. He could
spend the time to re-color everything himself. But since its my proposal, I
don't want to ask him to do that if I can help it.
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Seth Renigar
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Nevermind! I found the solution.
Turns out, STEP AP214 does export with colored parts. While STEP AP203 does not.
I've always wondered what the difference between the two are....
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Seth Renigar
"Seth Renigar" wrote in message news:ZnAWf.54688$
Have you noticed any other differences?
Do people know if one or the other is more widely used? For some reason I can't remember, I have always exported using AP203. Colors would be nice, but I would hate to get colors at the sacrifice of something else.
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Jerry Steiger
The STEP file size is a little larger with STEP AP214. But that makes sense since there is at least color data included, which is not included in STEP AP203.
Other than that, looked the same to me....
I have always used AP203 also. And, I have always wondered what the difference is as well. But not bad enough to put forth the effort to research :) It always worked, so why bother. But now I now that AP214 does colors, so that is what I will default to from now on.
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Seth Renigar
I ~think~ AP203 is more or less a subset of AP214. Also don't think there are any differences other than attributes supported; e.g. geometry reps (as might apply to off the shelf low end to mid range CAD applications) are the same.
If you want to really dig into it search the web for "step application handbook". I've looked thru one and came away more confused than ever. `;^)
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I always thought that 203 was for single parts and that 214 was for assemblies. That would seem to make sense since 214 supports colors. I haven't seen any other differences/problems.
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John Kreutzberger

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