Triangle around a portion of text - how?

For ages now, when I want a triangle around the first number of letter
of a note, I've been creating a note with no text, then making a
triangle around it.
I then drag this over the text that I want the triangle around.
for example:
And I want a triangle around the "1". How do you do this without
creating a note with nothing but spaces, adding a triangle around it,
then dragging it over the "1"?
There must be a way to do this.
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You can add a symbol using the "Add Symbol" icon in the property manager (Has a centerline symbol on the box). Use the dropdown menu to select "Flag Tri X", X=number, and select the Triangle number that you want. This has been available for a few releases now, and I don't think that I ever saw this in any "What's New" manual. I just stumbled upon it one day while adding a different symbol.
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You've changed my life!!!
Thank you!!!!
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"james" wrote in news:1143753925.608172.53540
Use the text shortcut.
will give you a two with a triangle around it.
Add a P to get it with a period inside
Here's a list of many more.
- Square 1 - Square 1 - Triangle 1 - Triangle 1 - Triangle-rotated 1 - Triangle-rotated 1 - Triangle-rotated A - Triangle-rotated A - Square/Circle 1 - Square/Circle 1 - Circle 1 - Circle 1 - Square A - Square A - Triangle A - Triangle A - Square/Circle A - Square/Circle A - Circle A - Circle A
This may be faster (in some cases) than the previously mentioned method.
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I have an entire listing of all text shortcuts for SolidWorks. Email me if you would like a copy.
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