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We are messing around with unfolding sheet metal parts. One problem we are encountering is that the unfolded parts are not workable. The stretch that happen during bending is different from what Solidworks calculates. we have used different bend allowance table and k facters ... but still the bend allowance/ stretch are off. Usually when we calculate stretch at the shop for stainless steel we use 1.6 X thickness and that give us a very accurate stretch. Where can we find info on how to get Solidworks to unfold with the correct stretch/bend allowance?

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SolidWorks Help, look into K-Factor.

If you do a lot of in-house sheet metal fab, you might want to experiment with 12"x2" strips bent into C or Z shapes, adjusting the K-factor until it matches your processes and tooling.

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Ray Reynolds

Have you tried bend allowance. If you start with a bend allowance of 0 and your parts are .25 short change the bend allowance to .25 and if you have to go the other way use bend deduction. You have allot more flexibility because you aren't using percentages with the limit of 0 to 1 I think if you want to do it right you have to set up a bend allowance or bend deduction table to adjust for different angles.


Look up "bend allowance" in the SW help it shows a diagram of how it is calculated.

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