new for Sheet metal designers and workers

Our System is a new software developed to help people involved in
It allows to recover, modify eventually and unfold all sheet metal parts
coming from AutoCad .
1) Recovering:
This System allows to read a part in DWG 3D format or ACIS.
2)Transformation in sheet metal solid model
If the part is imported as a simple solid model,the system allows to
transform it in a real solid sheet metal unbendable model ( in few
seconds ).
Our System has powerful tools to modify the cut out structure, notches,
bend radii, bend allowance parameters and so on in few seconds.
Then U.S.R. System unfolds the part to get the flat pattern according to
your own machining rules.
5) Benefits
· Save a huge amount of time and money.
· Guaranty the quality in keeping the original geometry.
For more details please contact me
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yes just send send me a part you will receive the unfolding in dxf format "Longshot" a écrit dans le message de news:bur023$l454j$
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does it have to be a solid, in acad form? dxf? dos it work with other software? how about wireframe? what if parts are xref'd or in blocks? how about multiple inlets & outlets, pitched and twisted & transitioning?
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Sending a solid and getting an unfolded part back doesn't mean much and surely would not convince me to buy something that I had never seen. There needs to be a website and a demo version. There is so much software out there that doesn't perform to expectations that one would be very hesitant to buy something on a promise.
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no web site no download
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free demo download from
formatting link
Regards ;-) Jochen
"lamalif" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:4010fcf5$0$7132$
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