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Ladies and Gentlemen of this News Group:
I am a long time observer and sometimes poster to this group and
typically when a new release comes out I subjectively monitor this
group to see what level of complaints and challenges the new releases
have. Based off this when the level of new release problems begin to
decrease We usually update. We have about 40 People company wide
using SWX so we try to coordinate these types of update.
What I have noticed with 2004 is that the initial level of
unsatisfactory experiences with it seems to be much less than the
total disaster of the 2003 release.
My question for those who have ventured into 2004 does it seem to be a
decent upgrade? I am always leary to go with SP0's. Or as I
speculate that everyone else has also taken a wait and see attitude
even the boldest out there and so the apparent calm with this release
may just be the lack of user experience.
Thanks for your replies.
Bryan Player
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Bryan Player
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Overall, I have found it to be much more stable than 2003 sp0.0. Having said that, there are still some things that aren't quite right. With 40 users affected by this decision, I'd recommend that somebody get familiar with the new release to see if there is anything in the work you do that 04 screws up. You'll also need to evaluate which new features aren't ready for use yet. For example, the new BOM tables are not yet functional enough for how we use BOMs.
Anyhow, for general stability, it has been as good for me as most of the 2003 service packs.
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Dale Dunn
I agree with Dale. 2004 is a lot more stable than 2003. THe new BOM is non functional for us as well. Thank goodness they left the ability to create the BOM with excel. The only other issue we've run into is with certain drawings done in 2003 with Alt Pos views, some of the detail views show up in phantom linetypes when opened in 2004. They do show up as solid lines in 2003 so make sure you open the drawing before making any changes in 2004 and saving it.
Dale Dunn wrote:
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