Woo Hoo, new workstation!

Hi all, It is time to get a new box. I'm looking for recommendations. I will be doing parts and large assemblies with Cosmos Motion and Works.

What Processor(s), Video card(s), Memory, HD config and Monitor(s). What OS? XP, Vista, X64. Brand recommendations?

Any other info would be appreciated.

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bob zee

Recent box has worked very well for:

Asus p5b deluxe wifi-ap

2 gb OCZ Platinum ddr2 800 conroe e6400 nvidia fx1400 drives of your choice (don't ask me because my system has 7 harddrives in it - ack) Enermax 600w power supply (noisetaker) Antec P180 Zalman cnps9500 cooler for cpu (allows me a 50% overclock from 2.13 ghz to 3.2 ghz - my system has run at this speed for almost 2 months 24/7)


bob zee wrote:

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We got a Xi machine a couple years ago... I'd give it an 8 for the price/hardware ratio. They're service seems a little off though, but I only needed them once. Had to do a complete reformat last week because SW went flakey on me, but its been used pretty hard over those 2 years.

I built my own for the house a couple months ago, definately the way to go in my opinion, but my company wants a warranty

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Hey Zander, you've got almost the same setup as my new home machine... considering that you've been stable for two months now, can you forward me any info on your oc settings? (or point me to the website that you may have used as reference...) Thanks! Also, what's the best benchmark for SW06 out there, for benching my home vs work computer to encourage hardware upgrades at work!?


----------------------------------------------- Asus p5b deluxe conroe e6400

2 gb OCZ Gold ddr2 800 passive ASUS 7600GT Geforce in it - ack)
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