First, sorry if question has already been asked.
Could somebody give me some links to website explaining which PC would run
AutoCad best?
How do commercial standard video cards (i.e. Radeon / Geforce,..) work with
AutoCad. I'm a student and don't want to spend thousands dollars in my new
computer, but it has to work well with AutoCad (student license, don't know
exactly which version). Could somebody give me some tips in choosing
hardware components?
Thanks a lot.
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Don't worry about most of the hardware too much. The processor isn't important, relatively speaking. An Athlon, Pentium 3, or Pentium 4 will work fine. Lots of memory (256 min, 512mb is better), a good "commercial" video card (Radeon or Geforce, 64mb min.), and a good monitor are important features. A 3 button mouse should be minimum, although I prefer 4 or 5 buttons, programmable. That means a Kensington mouse (I've used a half dozen Kensingtons). Win 2000 or XP are recommendable.
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