Work in assy without in-context features & relationships?

Is it possible to work in an assembly and reference other parts WITHOUT
creating in-context features and external references? If I'm sketching a
new part on the face of another part, I'd like to be able to 'snap' to the
edges/corners of the part I'm working on, but I don't want the resulting
part to be linked to the referenced part.
Each project we do is typically unique, and parts & assemblies often change
in ways that reqiure them to be redrawn completely. In situations like
that, there is little benefit to having relationships between parts, but I'd
still like to be able to 'build off of' other parts. I *do* think I'll use
in-context relationships (or whatever they're called)--depends on the
So, other than breaking all links afterwards (tedious), is there a way to
disable it or toggle it off while sketching? Hope so... thanks for your
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In a sketch you can delete all in-context relations in one swell foop. In the "Display/Deletew Relations" tool, select the filter to display all in-context constraints, and hit the "Delete All" button. Now you are free to redimension as you see fit.
Oftentimes, I tweak sketches in context. I set driving dimensions to driven and suppress constraints as necessary, then reconstrain in-context. Once the sketch elements are in position, I delete all in-context relations and unsuppress the dimensions and constraints.
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Yes, Tools-> Sketch Settings-> turn off 'Automatic Relations'.
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
The NDA is off of 05 beta, so you're allowed to know that 05 can do this. Big help right now, eh?
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Dale Dunn
Nice! I've had a chance to see SWX05 and I'm in love with it. I've only seen demos of some features...none of the small details yet. Thanks (all) for the info!
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