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hey guys,

been while since I joined. I just made a major score of track, switches & scenery. Approx $1800 worth of stuff for about $0.15 on the dollar....right place at the right time.

Now that I have everything required to get started, I have been digging in to come up with a decent design.

Pictures & layouts for this era are as rare as hens teeth.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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To offer helpful ideas, you need to be more specific about what you mean by "19th century theme": this could be the ca. 1840 B&O original line with crabs and camels, it could be early 1860's Civil War, it could be 1870's on the UP/CP original transcon, it could be early Colorado narrow gauge with Mason bogies, it could be triple headed consolidations on the horseshoe curve, it could be delicate 4-4-0's in quaint horse & buggy New England, etc. etc. RR's and RR technology made huge advances in the 1800's and you need to pin down the time frame, region and kind of RR you want to model. It would also help to know your available RR room space, your budget (i.e. all brass locos?), and your skills (scratch build, kit bash, or ready-to-run?) Most track plans can be made to fit this era with the use of appropriate scenery to convey the feel of the time and place. True, you need terminals with turntables instead of Diesel fuel racks, but that's a minor adjustment. Geezer

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I'm sure others will point out the wide range of subheadings that can exist under the general rubric of "nineteenth century". I believe one point, however, may deserve some consideration. You speak of already having obtained your track. What is the code of same? The earlier you retreat into that century, the more likely the smaller equipment encountered may appear dwarfed by code 100, or even code 83, rail. The "purists" among us might argue that you are already locked into the end of that era. Personally speaking, I would not allow myself to be discouraged by such a suggestion. Hope you enjoy the progress of YOUR railroad. Thank you. Jerry

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Now, I agree with you that code 100 rail is too high, but really, with all the other compromises you have to make in model railroading, especially in the earlier eras, it's not a huge problem. I'd hate to see somebody put off all kinds of possible fun until he can collect all the 'proper' stuff. And anyway, if you go back far enough the issue isn't the rail height, it's the fact that the rail is strap iron laid on timbers, or fishbelly rail in chairs, on stone blocks...

Cordially yours, Gerard P.

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