2 NAU students watching one train are hit by another

Associated Press Feb. 4, 2005 08:20 AM

FLAGSTAFF - Two Northern Arizona University students were seriously injured when they were struck by a train in downtown Flagstaff.

The pair apparently were standing between two sets of track, watching a passing train and didn't see an oncoming train on the other track.

Flagstaff police Sergeant Jerry Blair says the men attempted to scramble to safety when they finally saw the approaching train, but both wound up being hit.

One man was at last report listed in serious condition at Flagstaff Medical Center with a broken leg.

The other was listed in critical condition with head injuries at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix.

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Ken Rice
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whether the urn hits the rock or the rock hits the urn

it's bad for the urn

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I thought the buddy system worked with one guy watching for trains while the other took pictures.


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