Atlas Code 55 Flex Track track connectors

I wonder if anyone is or has had this problem? The metal track
connectors that one buys for Atlas Flex Track are !. not neatly folled
over with the split streight, 2. are much to tight, are rolled and not
bent over and steight. UIt's strange but the connectors that came
with the Atlas code 55 Turnouts come nice and sreight, in connected
strings of four connectors They are easy to put on the flax track. I
will be writing Atlas to complain. Please E-mail me at if you have or have had the same problem. Any
suggestions???????? Quality they are not!!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't know how well they might fit on Atlas flex, but Micro Engineering makes rail joiners for their own code 55 track.
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I don't use Atlas code 55 track but I've learned over the years to dispose of any joiners that aren't tight fitting when the track is joined. Rail joiners are one of the few items that I don't ever try to salvage even though they are brand new. When one uses sectional track, good electrical conductivity is one of the necessities.
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