blocking spamers from group or email

i.v been blocking all the spamers using message block in outlook express and deleting them from the railway newsgroup, it works and you are left with only quality post on the suject.

brock r bailey victoria bc canada

ho railway fan and modeler

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Brock Bailey
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I've done the same with Mozilla / Firefox.

How about we each separately write a "Dummies Guide to Filtering / Blocking with 'X' and psot those here for folks who want to block / filter.

I'll go ahead and do Mozilla.

Will you do OE?

Might help some folks who are frustrated by the jerks who post "kook" stuff here.

Maybe an other idea is to assemble a lt of the really bad "kook" addresses so folks an filtr them, but I am hesitat. Somebody who, IMHO is a "kook" may be a valued poster to some other odeler. I have a bias to folks making their own lists of "bad posters".

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jJim McLaughlin

Don't use Outlook or Outlook Express. Download & install Mozilla Thunderbird, import all your settings from Outlook, and your problems will be taken care of post-haste.


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Forte's Agent has very effective filtering. I usually use the ancient WINVN. It's fast, simple and lean. It's filtering works well, but will only mark messages as read, not hide them.


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