Can an HO Kato SD40-2 shell fit on a HO Kato SD45 drive? other shells that would fit a Kato SD45 drive?

I am new to model railroading and I was considering buying different shells for my HO Kato SD45 (dcc ready) chassis and I was wondering what other shells would be able to fit on the Kato SD45 chassis?

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Miki Kotevski
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Both have a truck centre-centre distance of 40'0"

However, the SD40 is 68'10" overall length, and the SD45 is 65'9.5" overall.

Three feet translates to about 3/8" in HO, so the SD40 shells wouldn't fit an SD45 chassis, and vice versa.

PS 1: Here's a website will all kinds of technical data:

formatting link

PS 2: You can repaint and redecorate any shell.

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Wolf K

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