Con Cor 4-8-4 "N" Steam Locomotive Problem

I just purchased a brand new Con Cor 4-8-4 "N" Steam Locomotive. I brought
it home and eagerly placed it gingerly on my layout. When I ran the engine
much to my dismay I found the engine would not go by a single remote control
switch on my layout. The engine bumps into the plastic housing on every
switch on my layout. Has anyone else run into this sort of problem? Anyone
have a fix for this other than returning the engine?
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You would have to determine just where and how it is hitting and go from there. Perhaps something on the locomotive can be modified, perhaps not. Pilot truck sideframes? The pilot itself, maybe. Sometimes realizations such as these lead to building a new layout without those built in switch machines. Peco track is usually pretty good, along with some other brands...............
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Yes, but you're not going to like it...
Use under table switch machines, hand ground throws, or remote mounting of the machines you've got.
The problem isn't the locomotive. I've got one of them, too. You'll find more than one kind of steamer has the same problem with obstructions next to the track.
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I've been thinking about taking my Dremel tool and grinding down part of the switch where the engine hits it. I think if I flatten out the round part on top of the switch it would be alright but I'm not sue what effect this will have on the function of the switch. Anyone modify any of the Atlas remote control switches? I'm a bit leery of doing this as I don't want to damage the switch mechanism but I'm really a big fan of steam locomotives and it's really hard to find them in the N scale. And as you mention I think I will have this problem with other engines. I also hate the prospect of having to completely redo my layout though just to accommodate one steam engine. : (
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