DCC functions F0 to F12

I notice in all the literature about DCC Throttle Controls that some support
F0 to F8 and some F0 to F12.
Are there actually decoders that support F0 to F12?
And if so what do those extra 4 functions do?
Thanks for your replies.
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Werner Anschutz
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| Are there actually decoders that support F0 to F12? | And if so what do those extra 4 functions do?
Sound decoders. More sound controls.
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F9 is part of the "shut down" sequence for the new Atlas Trainmaster and the BLI E7's. Tap it twice, and it goes to idle, tap it twice more, it goes to stand-by / low idle, tap it twice more again, and the engine shuts down, vents close, cab door slams shut, etc. F10 on the Atlas TM is a speed report when moving (when pushed, the volume will drop and a computer voice will tell you the speed in scale mph), or a status report when not moving (said voice will read off if it is shut down, and what DCC address it currently is). F11 and F12 I don't recall, but I'm sure there's something... ;-)
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Pac Man
Plus, you can get add-on function-only decoders to provide functions in excess of what the motor-controlling decoder supports, should your locomotive need additional functions. The Digitrax TL1 and TF4, and TCS' FL are three function-only decoders that offer this capability.
Southern Pacific diesels with large light packages come to mind as a possible application.
I'm currently working on installing a "complete" lighting package into a C&O 5700-series GP7 which has Gyralights on each end, a red warning light on each end and headlights. This will max-out a six-function decoder. If I decide to add step lights and separate number board lights, I'll add a function-only decoder to control those.
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Fritz Milhaupt
Thanks fellows, that helps tremendously in picking a System. Since I want to go with sound eventually I better pick one that supports all 12 functions.
Thanks again, Werner
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Werner Anschutz
12 functions.< I believe the NMRA specs go beyond 12 functions, 16??????????? NCE's new chip is due out shortly so they also will have 12 functions. Digitrax already does and am not sure about the rest as I've never checked. Just another feature to check out when making a decision of which system to buy!
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Jon Miller
On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 14:47:17 GMT, "Pac Man" shared this with the world:
Cool. Where can I get a bunch of those cab door actuators? I wanna put one on the outhouse door!
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